What Are Short Lead Times in Manufacturing?

What Are Short Lead Times in Manufacturing?

Manufacturing can cost a lot of money, and time is a pretty valuable currency in the manufacturing industry. This is why short lead times are so important. So, what are they? Keep reading to learn more about short lead times and what they mean to a manufacturer.

Lead times refer to the period of time from the time of purchase from a merchant to the manufacturer completing the order. The shorter this time can be, the less that the manufacturer has to pay employees and the faster they can take on new contracts.

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This also helps retain customers, as they’ll be happy that you send their products on time.

To do this, manufacturers will implement faster processes throughout the pipeline and the manufacturing process. This includes taking in new clients, the process of sourcing the materials, and the process of putting together the product. There are support companies that can help streamline processes as well.

Want to learn more about the manufacturing process and how to get better lead times? Watch the video in this article! It gives good information about how manufacturers deal with this issue. Then, call a company that helps improve lead times to get information about their services.


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