How is Steel Recycled?

How is Steel Recycled?

Are you curious about what happens at a steel recycling service? Are you interested in seeing how they recycle steel? Well, in this video, they go through the step by step process of how steel is recycled and why it is so important. This steel could be from anything from a construction site to a junkyard. No matter what type of steel it is, the recycling process is the same.

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Once the steel is brought to the recycling facility, it is then thrown into a container where it burns. It will burn down to little pieces, so it is easily moveable and so it can be recycled better. This can be shown in this video clearly. The steel is burned and melted down to separate the iron ore from other elements the steel item may contain. Once this happens, it can then be recycled and turned into a new product for consumers and business owners.

Watch this entire video to learn all about the process of recycling steel and to see the step by step process with your own eyes. You may learn something new today just by watching this video and it may make you want to recycle metal more often.


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