How Much Do You Know About Fire Hydrant Testing?

How Much Do You Know About Fire Hydrant Testing?

Whenever a fire gets out of hand, the fire department arrives on the scene to deal with the chaos. As they save lives and property, a unique set of tools allows them to function as a team. Among these tools is the fire hydrant available in the most convenient locations. Have you ever wondered about the process of fire hydrant testing? Wonder no more. This flow test and flush will show you everything you need to know.

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S.E.R. Safety delves into the process of ensuring quality flow from the fire hydrant. This activity guarantees that when the fire department needs it most, the equipment is working as it should. Fire hydrant testing can indicate the need for repair; it can also signal changes in the climate. If the flow level is low during fire hydrant testing, it is possible that the water systems are also running low on this precious resource, water. Having this knowledge can allow the department to alert communities to prevent fires wherever they can.

From this short clip, you will gain a deeper understanding of fire hydrant testing. Watch this video for a deeper grasp of this vital safety process.

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