The Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture

The Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture

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To have resilient and lasting wooden outdoor furniture you need to prioritize wood selection. Different wood holds up differently to the elements, insects, and overall decay. This video explains the best wood to use when building your outdoor furniture.

White Oak

White oak is a great wood option because of its closed grain structure. You can also get the more porous ends sealed to make them even more resistant against water. Be careful not to get confused with red oak, which is a poor substitute due to its porousness and long-term decay.


Cyprus is another good option. It’s a softwood, so it’s easy to cut and fasten together. It’s lighter than white oak, so easier to handle. It is also easily accessible in the South and Eastern parts of the US.

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is another lightweight softwood option. It has more color variation than other types of wood, giving it some added character. It’s also affordable. However, it can be splintery and split at the ends.

African Mahogany

Mahogany is an iconic wood with beautiful grain patterns. It’s hardwood, but with a soft structure that’s easy to cut and shape. It’s also easy to find wider widths.

For more species of wood, check out the link in the video above.

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