Fire Inspection Basics

Fire Inspection Basics

In this video, you will learn about fire suppression inspectors. There are some common violations that are found at businesses. Fire alarms, exit lights, emergency exits, and entrance lights are big violations. Exit signs are located at different areas of the building.

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They are easy to work with and easy to spot. An exit sign should always be on, it should be illumined at all times. There should be a battery backup system. You can use a broomstick to test if the lights are working. The battery backup needs to be working at all times. Emergency lights work when the power goes out. A good way to test this is with the exit signs. You can test these with a stick. These are set up around the building to make sure you can find your way to an exit sign. Fire extinguishers are next. Fire extinguishers should be annually tested by a licensed person. There should also always be one inside your house. In the kitchen, there should be another extingiser. Keep watching this video for more information on fire inspections.

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