Online Learning Platforms Continue to Grow in Popularity

Online Learning Platforms Continue to Grow in Popularity

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The decision to attend college is much easier for some people. If, for instance, you come from a family where both of your parents are college graduates you likely see college not as an option, but as a given. On the other hand, if no one in your family has ever earned a college degree, you may not see the value of spending four more years of school once your high school diploma is complete. You may not see any reason for taking on debt of any kind in the pursuit of further education. The thought of paying money for a degree in psychology, secondary education, or going on to get a medical laboratory science degree, for instance, does not always seem necessary if you are already earning a good salary for a job that you like.
If you are the parent of someone who is trying to make the difficult choice between continuing on in school or simply finding a job, it is important to make sure that you help your son or daughter understand the financial implications of their decisions.
Home Study Courses and Online Lectures Help Many People Achieve Their College Degrees
One of the ways that more and more people are finding a way to affordably achieve their goal of obtaining a high school diploma is studying at home and taking advantage of online learning platforms. In fact, the latest research indicates that as many as 32% of higher education students now take at least one online course. Consider some of these other statistics about the impact that online learning has on people who are looking for ways to further their education:

  • 46% of online students indicate that advancing their current career was their biggest motivation to enroll.
  • 68% of online students enroll because of the ability to balance family, work, and social responsibilities more easily.
  • 64% of online students indicate that they love the ability to study anywhere, anytime, and at their own convenience.
  • 60% of jobs will require post-secondary education by 2020, according to the most recent predictions.
  • 64% of personal learners indicate that they want to learn something that would allow them to help others more effectively.
  • 36% of personal learners indicate that they want to turn a hobby into something that generates income.

If you are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to pursue a post-secondary degree you might find that online learning is a platform that can help you test the waters and make a transition to starting your educational goals

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