Christian Bookstores Offer Inspiration and Guidance

Christian Bookstores Offer Inspiration and Guidance

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Religion and prayer are important to Americans, even if they don’t attend church regularly. For many people, reading the Bible is a way of coming closer to God, and to finding answers to the questions they face in their lives. To help them find inspiration, stores that stock discount Christian books provide the guidance they need to make the right decisions in their lives.

Prayer is the cornerstone of belief
Regular prayer is the cornerstone of religious belief. Researchers have found prayer is important to people, even when they don’t attend church regularly. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center survey in 2014 found that more than half, or 55%, of those surveyed said that they pray every day. And as many as 72% of all Americans say that religion is very important to them.
When it comes to being able to participate in religious worship in a public setting, however, the numbers tend to fall off. Only a little over one third of all those surveyed by the Pew Research Center survey attended religious services at least once a week. And only about one fourth, or 26%, of those adults who identify with some religious belief, said that they were able to share these with others at least weekly.

Discount Christian books connect people to the faith
Whether it’s lack of time or the difficulty in finding a nearby congregation, religious participation in public life lags behind private belief. This gap is met by reading the Bible, which people believe brings them closer to God. As many as 69% of the participants in a survey conducted by the American Bible Society in 2016 wanted to spend more time reading the Bible than they are able to at present.
The Bible has been a source of inspiration, comfort and guidance for people around the world for over two thousand years. Bible bookstores help people to bring this inspiration and comfort to their own homes. Discount Christian books allow people to connect with the Bible as well as the thoughts, dilemmas and answers that other people have found through their faith.

Seeking answers and inspiration
Christian bookstores help people to find the answers and solace they’re looking for. As many as 78% of all Americans identify as Christians. Discount Christian books help them to deepen, confirm and understand their faith.
Gratitude is a strong element of faith, and as many as 82% of Christians in the U.S. feel deeply grateful for all they have.
Christian book stores offer people a chance to read the Bible as well as other works through the ages. These commentaries and reflections on faith and life become a from of guidance in themselves, helping people to negotiate the complexities of life in accordance with their faith.

For this seeing to deepen their faith and to connect with the Bible as well as other works, discount Christian books offer guidance and a path. Christian book outlets help them to find inspiration from the words and experience of others.

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