What Will You Do About Student Apartment Housing?

What Will You Do About Student Apartment Housing?

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Student housing apartments may be the first thing a prospective college student looks at after reading (and celebrating) their acceptance letter. Where to live while attending college classes requires a bit of consideration and foresight. While some students would prefer to be on campus and close to classes, others would much rather have more privacy and autonomy by living off-campus. Luckily, most colleges have options for both, in the form of dormitories and satellite student housing apartments. But it is necessary to examine why a student would chose one option over another.

Who lives in campus student housing? One 2012 study found that residents in dorms across the U.S. were made up of 54% women and 46% men. College life can be stressful with moving to a new environment away from home, and yet many young adults are at the same time excited by the freedom. When assigning rooms, many colleges try their very best to match students who are in similar programs, or at least keep similar hours. If two roommates are at complete odds with each other, the resident advisor of their dormitory may be able to find them a solution. There is no such outside intermediary with student housing apartments.

If one downside to living off-campus is the potential to have some serious disagreements with roommates, an upside is the responsibility these students learn while living on their own. They become responsible for paying rent, utilities, groceries, and renter’s insurance. They also can come and go, and depending on the type of apartment, have guests visit when they like. Parents may not enjoy that thought, but taking responsibility over one’s housing is a huge step towards being a self-sufficient adult.

One area of concern that should be examined when looking for an apartment is safety. Dormitories comply with fire codes, have security measures, and are routinely inspected. A cheap apartment may seem like a great deal, but if there is a pest infestation or the electrical outlets spark, it is more of a hazard than anything.

If a college student is seriously considering the student housing apartments, they should: make sure they inspect the apartment before signing anything; understand what is covered under the maintenance agreement, and read the lease carefully (and then read it again). It is their first big responsibility outside of school, and should be treated as such.

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