How Employer Sponsored Childcare Creates The Best Working Environment

How Employer Sponsored Childcare Creates The Best Working Environment

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The working mother has become the norm in western society; and with the rise of the working mother has come the reality of finding a daycare. Although more than 80 of the companies in Working Mother’s “Top 100 Companies For Working Mothers” offered corporate child care to their employees, the fact is that corporate childcare is not simply a matter of employing the most cost … efficient daycare for workers’ children. Working mothers should … and do … expect their employers to offer quality employer sponsored child care programs.

How Does Employer Sponsored Childcare Help Employees?

For the parent, the benefits of working for companies with onsite childcare are numerous. This way, the children can have more contact with their working parents during breaks, and should emergencies happen, the parent is nearby. Childcare at work also eliminates the stress of finding a daycare, and saves the parent money. As such, corporate childcare resources make a company more appealing to prospective employees, and makes it easier for mothers to work … thus expanding the field of said prospects.

How Does Employer Sponsored Childcare Benefit The Employer?

The benefits of workplace … funded childcare are easy to understand once the company recognizes the needs of its employees. While employers often subsidize the cost of a corporate childcare facility, helping employers pay for daycare services, they can also delegate many of the responsibilities of running the service to independent contractors. These contractors staff the centers with their own employees, and the result is a cost … effective program that decreases employee absenteeism and allows for increased productivity and retention.

Childcare At Work Makes Companies Competitive

America is often criticized by other nations for its lack of easily available childcare, and many believe that finding a daycare in the states is difficult, keeping potentially working mothers at home. Companies with corporate childcare … particularly those that are subsidized by the company … become instantly more appealing to employees with children. They are perceived as forward … thinking and advanced in comparison to companies that fail to provide childcare, and thus are more likely to be considered by candidates with families. Current employees also appreciate the childcare, and it fosters loyalty.

Corporate Daycare Must Be Professionally Done

One of the reasons why so many companies hire independent contractors to run their daycares is that this ensures a nurturing childcare environment that parents will trust. It’s true that during the first few years of life, a child will absorb more information at a time than they ever will again. Just like a good childcare system will create good will among employees, a bad one will create resentment. Treat your employees’ children the way you would want yours to be treated!

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