Should You Send Your Child to Private Middle School?

Should You Send Your Child to Private Middle School?

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If you’re preparing to send your child to middle school, you’re probably facing the decision between public middle schools and top private middle schools. But which will ultimately be better for your child?

Children all learn differently, and a solution that works for one student may not work for another. Before you make any decisions, talk to your child about public and private schools and try to get a sense of what they want and need.

That said, private schools do have certain documented advantages over public schools. Students who attend private schools are more likely to graduate and be accepted into college. This might be boosted by the SAT performance of students who attend private high school. Average national scores on the SATs were 497 in reading, 514 in math, and 489 in writing, but students in private schools scored an average of 541, 579, and 550, respectively.

Education in an independent setting is often more personalized, since class sizes and enrollment tend to be smaller, creating more favorable student to teacher ratios. Teachers often tend to be happier with their jobs, and both principals and teachers in private schools rate their school climates more positively than their counterparts in public education and report being more satisfied.

Students with special interests like science or art can often partake in specialized programs that allow them to explore their talents and prepare for life after middle and high school. Private school students also tend to complete more advanced-level courses than their peers in public school. Many schools often have community service requirements for graduation, which can increase civic-mindedness later in life.

There are downsides for some students. For instance, private schools are less regulated and may not have special education programs for children who need them. Private schools may often be better on average, but your child is unique, and you need to make sure they end up in an environment where they can thrive. Read more.

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